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Our Philosophy

Stephen Moliterno was born and raised in New Rochelle, NY where he currently resides with his wife Michele, daughter Alyssa and son Robert. The entire family is involved in the Martial Arts. Michele is a student in Kihen Ryu™ JuJitsu. Alyssa and Robert both train in Judo and all are under the watchful eye and constant training both in and out of the Dojo by not only Sempai, but by husband and father as well. Stephen is the President and owner of M.J.S. Contracting Corp., General Contractors, which was established in 1987.

Stephen believes that the Martial Arts is not just a hobby, it is a way of life physically, mentally and spiritually in which we all train at everyday.Stephen began his training in the Martial Arts in 1981 in USA Goju Karate under Kyoshi William Grady and currently studies with Renshi Kevin Suggs. Stephen has trained in many arts since 1981; Karate, JuJitsu, Kung-Fu and Judo. Currently, Stephen studies Traditional Okinawan Go JU Ryu with the Shobukan DoJo under Rokudan Chris Graham and Judo with Olympic Style Judo with Godan Sauvuer Chris Soriano at Westchester Judo. Stephen also has studied Traditional Kodokan Judo with the USTKJ.

Stephen is now Sempai of Kihen Ryu™ JuJitsu and is in charge of the New York Dojo for Kihen Ryu™. Stephen played a primary role under Nadeem Ansari, Sensei by being Uke (attacker). This allowed Ansari, Sensei to develop, test and validate the fundamentals of the Kihen Ryu curriculum. Stephen was and still is the key person and Uke (attacker) in validating, testing and developing of all the fundamentals of the Kihen Ryu™ curriculum.

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Sempai Steve

USA Goju Karate,
Sandan, 3rd Dan Black Belt

Kihen Ryu™ Ju Jitsu International,
Shodan, 1st Dan Black Belt

U.S. Ju Jitsu Federation Official
Shodan, 1st Dan Black Belt

U.S. Traditional Kodokan Judo,
Shodan, 1st Dan Black Belt
Certified Instructor

CDT Training Certification,
Level One, Compliance & Escort

Wing Chun & Shaolin Kung Fu,
Kyu Ranking


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