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Our Philosophy

Most martial arts schools are concentrated heavily on the aspect of sport competition such as Kata, Weapons and Free Sparring tournaments. While the majority of these students become proficient in the art of kicking, punching, striking, Kata and sparring, there is still an element missing. I, myself, have spent many years training in this venue. I find it a little contradictory to the word Martial Arts and it’s meaning to train only in this manner.

Anyone who has ever been in a real life confrontation can tell you that it comes without any or much time to prepare; it seldom lasts more than 30 seconds. There is no time for any fancy or flowery techniques or anything in that vain. It is quick and decisive and usually takes only one strike to immobilize and seriously injure someone. How Are We Different: We at Kihen Ryu™ JuJitsu train in actual attack scenarios. Our daily training is made up of these attacks; over and over again until they become second nature. Our philosophies are what dictates our defenses. Our ultimate goal is to place ourselves in a superior position against any attacker which leaves our choices of techniques unlimited. JuJitsu is the proven parent Martial Art of Aikido, Judo and Karate. We at Kihen Ryu™ JuJitsu teach this entire curriculum to every student giving them the full Art as it was intended to be. By the time a student obtains a Black Belt in Kihen Ryu™ JuJitsu, they will have enough information for Black Belts in Karate, Judo and Aikido. By the way, Karate and Judo Black Belt Certifications are also available at Kihen Ryu™ JuJitsu New York City Dojo, if you so desire.


Our Philosophy

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