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Our Philosophy

“Self Defense” sounds simple, but it’s not! Yes techniques vary from basic survival defenses to complex joint locks, take downs and immobilizations. We teach defenses and attack techniques from armed and unarmed scenarios. Armed attacks are rubber knives, guns, bats, clubs, etc. Unarmed attacks are from hitting, kicking, choking, bending and twisting of limbs, and pinning an opponent from countless scenarios. This is the art of self defense, which is our primary goal. We offer venues in sport competition; however our main objective is that everyone who is a part of this school becomes more than proficient in self defense and overall awareness.

All Kihen Ryu™ students are defined by our level of proficiency in Ukemi (Break Falls), which are said to resemble elements of a gymnastics routine. The other key characteristic of a Kihen Ryu™ student is Tai Sabaki (Body Management). Being in the right place at the right time. Combine these primary elements with solid techniques and you will be confident of your ability to defend yourself in no time. Beware, we boast that this Art is “Soft On Me And Hard On You, The Attacker).


Our Philosophy

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