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Our Philosophy

Defending ones self must come from the proper combination of our Philosophies that we at Kihen Ryu™ JuJitsu institute from the very first day you step into our Dojo. These philosophies give preparation, power and potential to a practitioner to excel in the JuJitsu Art.

Seiryoku Zenyo (Maximum Efficiency). Ones mental and physical energy must be used effectively in order to achieve a certain goal. If that method is Atemi (Striking), than you must strike at the most vital point that will yield the greatest effect. The basic principle of defense against an attack is Seiryoku Zenyo (putting your energy to work most effectively).

Ju Yoku Go O Seisu (Softness Controls Hardness). “Resisting a more powerful opponent will result in your defeat, while adjusting to and evading your opponents attack will cause him to lose his balance, his power will be diminished and you will defeat him. Various records and accounts have been passed down over the years regarding the true meaning of JuJitsu. It can be said that the name apparently derived from the expression Ju Yoku Go O Seisu, which can be translated as “Softness Controls Hardness”.

Three Basic States of Mind
• Zanshin: “Remaining Spirit”. The readiness of anything at any given time.
• Fudoshin: “Immoveable Spirit”. During times of confrontation.
• Mushin: “No Mind”. Its spontaneity permits instantaneous action without conscious thought

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Our Philosophy

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